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Template and Download

Template Paper

Template Paper ภาษาไทย Download
Template Paper English Download




1.Poster size: 70 cm. wide and 110 cm. (Vertical)

1 topic per page and it must be in Thai or English. Font size should be in the proper size and easy to read in 1 meter for judges and other participants. A presenter should have the poster file and please send it to within August 6, 2021.


2. Content 

The poster’s content consists of (1) Topic that should be in Thai or English, (2) The researcher’s name and their institute’s name, (3) Abstract, (4) Introduction (research background and objective), (5) Research methodology/ creative research, (6) Research result, (7) Conclusions and discussion, (8) Reference (it must be the one that directly relates with your research.)


3. Poster setting up. 

The host will set up posters from August 18, 2021, at 1 p.m. onwards at Khon Kaen University’s Science Park, Khon Kaen.


4. Poster presenter

The presenter should stay around their poster setting to present and answer some question from participants and other on August 20-21, 2021, within specified time and the presenter can ask the coordinator who has authority in poster part for taking their research poster back after the conference.